Delicious started as a cosy tearoom with just a few items on its menu in 2004. News of its delicious wholesome food spread like wildfire through word-of-mouth. Soon, the thriving café was packed to the seams with families and young professionals looking for the comfort of homemade food served up.
Now, there are six Delicious cafes in the Klang Valley, including our newly opened Delicious Café at Sunway Pyramid. And one in Straits Quay, Penang.
Its menu has blossomed into a veritable treasure house of western and local favourites and satisfies the palates of its diners from breakfast till late supper.
Word has it that more Delicious cafes are springing up in the Klang Valley and other parts of Malaysia and Singapore so that more food loving folks will have a taste of Delicious’ simply sumptuous dishes.

The menu has been prepared with an emphasis on fresh homemade food. “Pasta, Salads, Cakes and more…” is Delicious’ tagline – focusing on serving the best pastas, salads and cakes to its diners.

Delicious have garnered a strong reputation for quality, presentation and value that has led to a successful extension in catering services.

The Delicious Group is 100% owned by the Eastern & Oriental Group.


the entrance

sunway_pyramid004 sunway_pyramid001 sunway_pyramid002 sunway_pyramid003

the inside

Delicious has since created a strong fan base of wholesome good meals and desserts. News of its range of seductively pleasant cuisines spread like wildfire and becomes one of the hottest spots for lunch/dinner meets and casual/business meetings.

With the interior so elegantly decorated with modern chic style and the seating area which can occupy up to 100 at a go, Delicious has created spaces for families and young professionals a place for comforts while enjoying their simply sumptuous homemade dishes.

Ultimately, the selection of western and local favourites is the magnet of Delicious. Braised Lamb Shank, English Fish & Chips, Nasi Kerabu with Ayam Percik, Thai Styled Steamed Baramudi, Carbonara Spaghettini, Duck Confit Spaghetteni, Roast Beef Sandwich and Smoked Salmon Sandwich, are a few of chef’s recommendations for good try-outs.

Next, those who love to indulge on sweet desserts and cakes should try their famous Lemon, Lime & Ginger Cake, Red Velvet, Carrot Cake, Classic Chocolate cake, Pavlova, and a whole lot more. Don’t worry about getting sugar highs on the mouth-watering desserts and cakes. You can order their fresh fruit juices to tone down the sugar intakes.

Either you are coming with a whole pack of loved ones or just a tea for two, Delicious is always ready to serve you well with their delicious cuisines.

so, there I choose to eat the dessert which is the pavlova since it was very tempting. Then I suit it with hot chocolate. It was a very perfect matched! The hot chocolate are not to sweet and it mild taste make me feel nice. the price was so affordable and I don’t mind to pay more if the food is good.


strawberry, hazelnut and lychee pavlova served with chocolate sauce



hot chocolate and marshmallow



strawberry and passion fruit



long black



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