Williams Corner is located in Taman Mayang Jaya, Kelana Jaya, near to the Mayang Plaza which is former building for Lim Kok Wing University. It serves fusion food and this restaurant didn’t have a name board and most of the seating are outdoor. They don’t provide any menu, but you can go into the restaurant and read the menu which write on a black board or ask recommendation from the waiter.

Last week, we’ve decided went to William corer. There, we  ordered two big plates of seafood carbonara which was just okey. I felt that two big plates of this for 16 pax is a bit too much because the sauce is quite creamy. There are a lot of mussels, prawns and octopus inside.
We also ordered the Nasi Beriani with Soft Shell crab. I don’t mind with the soft shell crab because I’m allergy with it. Too bad my friend did not get to taste the crab as she was sitting at the far end. so There were a lot of fried prawns and also octopus thrown in too. The rice was quite ok but too bad there was no sauce to eat together so I ate it with the black pepper sauce.

One of my favorite from William’s is the garlic cheese naan for all the wrong reasons. It’s arrived with heavy garlic and cheese smell. The surface of the naan was glistening with grease. But that was what’s so cool about this dish. It’s full of salty, cheesy flavor and the garlic just adds on the extra kick to the whole blend! Although I wouldn’t advice to eat this often but more of a self indulgence food. And great to share with friends. I love to dip with all of the sauce but it’s good even on its own.

I have ordered one of the signature drink, Soda Herb (consists of lemon grass, sour plum, lemon, mint leaves and lychee). The taste is so good and unique and I think nowhere else is selling this drink.


outside of william corner


the menu

cbnara naan thumb_600

food that we eat


soda herb


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